Update 6 Now Live: New Images, Online Exclusives, and More Journals Content

September 6, 2012

Update 6 has arrived, and it comes with a wealth of new images, online exclusives and more journal content: 

Online Exclusives

Thirteen new Online Exclusive articles from the Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion are now available to Berg Fashion Library subscribers:

Early Evidence of Fashion in West Europe, Sarah Grace Heller (West Europe)
Gandhi, Khadi, and Indian Independence, Mary Masilamani (South Asia and Southeast Asia)
Mbuti (BaMbuti) Bark Cloth, Jan-Lodewijk (Africa)
Snapshot: Zande Bark Cloth, Jan-Lodewijk (Africa)
Individualizing Japanese Student Uniforms, Brian McVeigh (East Asia)
Feathered Lingerie: From the Stage to the Bedroom, Jean McElvain and Angelina Jones (The United States and Canada)
Nineteenth- and Early-Twentieth-Century Alternative Dress, Nan Mutnick (Global Perspectives)
Artificial Hair Additions, Shari Sims (Global Perspectives)
Bollywood Fashion, Vandhana Bhandari (South Asia and Southeast Asia)
Eyewear, M. Daly (Global Perspectives)
Snapshot: Icelandic Knitted Apparel, Jennifer Graham (West Europe)
Japanese Sartorial Modernity, Toby Slade (East Asia)
Olympic dress, Uniforms, and Fashion, Karen LaBat, Susan Sokolowski (Global Perspectives)

2,000 New Images

• 1,500 new images from the Commercial Pattern Archive (CoPA) database
(Batch two of two)

The partnership with the Commercial Pattern Archive database, CoPA, provides a unique tool for researchers and designers to recreate or date clothing from 1868 to 2000. There are several collections from the United States, Canada and the UK, including the Betty Williams Collection.

• 500 new images from the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute's collection
(Batch three of four)

Berg's partnership with the Metropolitan Museum of Art will make 2,000+ images from the internationally renowned Costume Institute’s collection available through the Berg Fashion Library. 1,500 of these images are now live on the site.

Click here to view the full list of image and museum partnerships.

New Journals Content

• Four new journal issues: Fashion Theory 16:2 and 16:3, Fashion Practice 4:1 and Textile 10:2
• Abstracts for exhibitions and book reviews published in recent journal issues

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