• Reference Resources

In addition to the landmark major reference work, the Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion (10 volumes in print, 2000 images and 3.6 million words) the Berg Fashion Library includes the following invaluable reference works:

A-Z of Fashion*
Edited by Valerie Steele

The Berg Fashion Library includes in-depth entries from the A-Z of Fashion, edited by world renowned fashion historian Valerie Steele. This is the benchmark guide to the subject and provides entries on designers, articles of clothing, key concepts and styles: from Avedon to Codpiece, Dandyism to the G-String, Japanese Fashion to Subcultures, and Trickle down to Zoot Suit. Entries are also published in book form as The Berg Companion to Fashion (2010). 

The Dictionary of Fashion History
Valerie Cumming, C.W. Cunnington and P.E. Cunnington

The Berg Fashion Library provides succinct definitions of key fashion terms from the authoritative Dictionary of Fashion History (2010), itself based on the classic Dictionary of English Costume 900-1900 by C.W. and P.E. Cunnington and Charles Beard, and completely revised, updated and supplemented to the present by Valerie Cumming. For more information about the print version click here.

* All material from The A-Z of Fashion is © The Gale Group; updates supplied by Berg where indicated