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MARC Records

MARC Records

MARC 21 records for Berg Fashion Library can be downloaded by library professionals free of charge.

Availability of MARC records

MARC records are provided by Bibliographic Data Solutions Ltd, experts in the provision of MARC to the library sector. The records below are compliant with NACO and SACO, and LoC guidelines for MARC for updating databases. They contain LoC and Dewey call numbers, and are provided in MARC 21 format with MARC8 character encoding.

At present we can offer a full set of records for the e-books and Encyclopedia within the Berg Fashion Library. We will provide updated records to include new titles and new content added subsequently.

MARC records are also available from the Library of Congress and British Library for print editions of content in the Berg Fashion Library.

Download MARC Records:








To view or edit MARC records, you may need to download supporting software such as MarcEdit.