• Links to e-Journals

A key benefit of the Berg Fashion Library is its cross-functionality with Bloomsbury fashion e-journals for mutual subscribers. Users can now link directly from the Berg Fashion Library to related journal articles where the institution already subscribes. 

Accessing journal content from the Berg Fashion Library

The Bloomsbury journals Fashion Theory, Fashion Practice, Textile and the Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice are fully indexed and thus searchable and browseable within the Berg Fashion Library. Clicking on a result will take you to the journal article page, which displays citation information about the article as well as the abstract.

In the left-hand ToC are two links: the DOI link resolves to the full-text article on Ingenta, our primary partner for journal content. If your institution has a subscription through Ingenta and have activated online access e.g. by providing IP address details, you will have automatic access to the full-text article. The other link is an Open URL resolver that looks for the content in your institution’s electronic library catalogue, linking you through to the full-text article if your institution subscribes.

Click on the links below to learn more about Bloomsbury fashion journals:

Fashion Theory

Fashion Practice


Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice

For more information about other Bloomsbury journals, visit www.bloomsbury.com/journals.

Please note: subscription rates to e-journals are not included as part of the Berg Fashion Library subscription.