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General Content Questions

1. What is the Berg Fashion Library?
The Berg Fashion Library is the first online portal to offer comprehensive coverage of dress and fashion around the world by providing access to interdisciplinary and integrated image, book and journal content.

2. What’s in the Berg Fashion Library?

Key content available now:

  • The Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion (2010; 10 volumes)
  • E-Book collection: full text of approximately 60 Berg fashion monographs with regular updates
  • An extensive colour image bank with thumbnails that link through to enhanced content. This includes 1,600 images from the V&A Museum’s internationally renowned fashion collection; 2,000 images from the print encyclopedia; 600 images from MoMu Fashion Museum, Belgium; and 200 sample images, from collections including the London College of Fashion and The Museum at FIT
  • Extra reference resources, such as an A-Z of Fashion* and The Dictionary of Fashion History by Valerie Cumming, C.W. Cunnington and P.E. Cunnington
  • Links to E-Journals: cross-searchable functionality with Berg fashion e-journals Fashion Theory, Fashion Practice, and Textile for mutual subscribers
  • Classic and Modern Writings on Fashion: 67 seminal pieces and primary documents on the subject of fashion
  • Museum Directory
  • Links at article level to articles in Oxford Art Online
  • From August 2011 onwards, 2,000 images from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute collection
  • Further Encyclopedia articles and new E-Books
  • Lesson plans and other teaching resources

* All material from The A-Z of Fashion is © The Gale Group; updates supplied by Berg where indicated

Click here for a full listing of content updates

3. How often is it updated?
At least three times a year with new content and with revisions to existing content.

4. How do I submit a comment or correction?

If you have any general or specific comments on the content of an article or find a cross-reference link that is not working properly, you can send an email to bergfashionlibrary@bloomsbury.com or use the contact us form to submit your comments. When providing a comment about a specific article, please provide as much detail as possible and include the URL by copying and pasting the URL from your browser's address box into your message. Comments will be reviewed and considered for inclusion in the next available update.

5. How do I reference an article?

For anyone wishing to reference an article from the Encyclopedia, including authors of said articles, please use the following format:

(Article Title), Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion, (Volume number and name, which can be found at the top of each article), published on the Berg Fashion Library online (month and date). DOI (a DOI number can be found at the top of each article on the Berg Fashion Library)

Subscription Questions

1. How do I subscribe to the Berg Fashion Library?
Annual subscriptions are available for universities, schools, public libraries and organizations. Monthly and annual subscriptions are also available for individuals. Visit How to Order, or contact us for subscription information.

2. Is it possible to have a free trial?
Free 30-day trials are available to libraries and institutions considering a subscription. If you are an individual and would like to try out the site, find out if your library or organization already subscribes or is interested in a free trial. Librarians and administrators in North and South America, please contact us for a free trial here; librarians and administrators outside North and South America please contact us for a free trial here.

3. Are discounts available to consortia and consortia members?
Special pricing is available for library consortia. For further details, please get in touch with your consortia manager or contact us.

4. Does a Berg Fashion Library subscription include a subscription to e-journals?
No. If your institution already subscribes to a Berg fashion e-journal (Fashion Theory, Fashion Practice or Textile) the Berg Fashion Library will link to the journal at DOI level. But Berg journal subscriptions are not included in the Berg Fashion Library subscription price and we are unable to ‘bundle’ the two types of subscription.

5. Can I subscribe to just part of the content rather than the whole Berg Fashion Library?
No, the Berg Fashion Library is only available as a fully integrated resource

Subscriber Migration Guide

From May 2016, Berg Fashion Library relaunches on a revitalized platform with state-of-the-art functionality. This step by step guide is designed to help customers transition over to the new site as seamlessly as possible. As soon as you move to the new Berg Fashion Library, you and your subscribers will immediately benefit from the following:

  • Integration with Bloomsbury Fashion Central, an online platform for fashion educators, students, and researchers that will also include the Fashion Photography Archive and Fairchild Books Library* in one cross-searchable resource
  • Modern, intuitive interface with sophisticated functionality,and new user tools facilitating easier, more efficient navigation
  • New! Exhibition Archive, launching with Valentino: Master of Couture from Somerset House and Killer Heels: the Art of the High-Heeled Shoe from Brooklyn Museum
  • New content, including c.20 new fashion eBooks coming mid 2016
  • One sales liaison for all Bloomsbury’s fashion, design, arts and humanities platforms, including Fairchild Books Library*, Fashion Photography Archive, Bloomsbury Collections, Drama Online and Bloomsbury Design Library.

You will continue to benefit from:

  • Personalization, lesson plans, bibliographic guides, eBook collections, and 13,000 images, including new partnerships with Kerry Taylor Auctions, the Valentine Museum's renowned Costume & Textile Collection, and more images from Los Angeles County Art Museum
  • Content will continue to be updated three times a year

* Available outside North America

1. What is changing?
Bloomsbury Publishing (the publisher of the Berg Fashion Library) took over the distribution of the Berg Fashion Library from OUP as of 1 April 2016. Customers will transition to Bloomsbury as their distributor in advance of the website migration. This section provides more information about what this change means for current, and future, subscribers.

After 31 March 2016, Oxford University Press will no longer be handling renewals or new subscriptions to the Berg Fashion Library. If you are a current subscriber, when your subscription is up for renewal you should contact Bloomsbury Publishing directly. Starting 1 May 2016, Bloomsbury Publishing will perform all of OUP’s obligations under the terms of their existing license, taking over full responsibility for delivering the Berg Fashion Library to all customers. Beginning in May, all customer service queries should be directed to Bloomsbury, including, for example, questions about content updates, access, renewals, and changes to the website.

For clarity, the timeline is as follows:

1 May 2016: Bloomsbury takes full responsibility for all customer service. Direct all queries to Bloomsbury
May 2016 (TBC): New Berg Fashion Library site available on the Bloomsbury Fashion Central platform; both old and new Berg Fashion Library sites run in tandem for a period to allow libraries to transition to the new site

Subscribers do not need to take any action at this time. There will not be any interruption to your access to the Berg Fashion Library as a result of the shift in responsibility. Bloomsbury will keep you informed about future enhancements or changes, including the upcoming migration to the Bloomsbury Fashion Central site later in 2016.

Please note that existing OUP customers will have access to all historical usage data through April 2016 via the OUP customer librarian portal until 1 May 2017.

If you are an existing OUP customer, feel free to reach out to your regular customer service contact at Oxford if you have a question until end of April, then starting in May 2016 you should contact Bloomsbury directly.

To keep fully updated about the new site, along with future update and offers, please
sign up to the Berg Fashion Library Newsletter.

2. How can I access the new site?

IP Authentication: IP Authentication will function for both the existing and the new Berg Fashion Library sites. Bloomsbury will be contacting all existing subscribers to ensure that we have the correct IP ranges in place; customers with queries or updates are asked to contact Bloomsbury via the OnlineSales email listed below.

Athens and Shibboleth: MyAthens and Shibboleth will continue to function on the new Berg Fashion Library site. Note that if you have WAYF-less URLs in place on your intranet or similar resource, these will need to be re-generated to now point to the Bloomsbury SAMS service.

Username and Password: Existing users of Bloomsbury Digital products will be able to use their existing usernames and passwords to access Berg Fashion Library. For Berg Fashion Library subscribers who are new to Bloomsbury then new usernames and passwords will need to be set up.

EZProxy: If you currently offer access via EZProxy, you will need to update your ezproxy.cfg file for Berg Fashion Library as follows:

Title:  Bloomsbury Fashion Central
URL:  https://www.bloomsburyfashioncentral.com
Domain: www.bloomsburyfashioncentral.com
DJ: www.bloomsburyfashioncentral.com

contact us if you need assistance.

Referring URL: Note that trusted URL authentication is standard and should pose no issue for the migration.

3. How can I update links and bookmarks?

The user will need to update bookmarks manually by visiting the new site and locating the appropriate pages. We advise that bookmarks be updated as soon as possible after launch.

4. What about MARC records and DOIs?

All existing MARC records will need to be replaced to work with the new site. These new records will be available to you from July onwards.

All DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) will switch to direct users to the new version of Berg Fashion Library from July onwards.

Please note that, from July, because all DOIs and MARC records will direct users to the new version of Berg Fashion Library, any user opting to use the previous version of the site will be directed to the new version of the site when using DOIs and MARC records.

5. How to I retrieve usage statistics?

Existing OUP customers will have access to all historical usage data through April 2016 via the OUP customer librarian portal until 1 May 2017.

For the new site, COUNTER statistics will be produced from launch and will be available to download in the month after launch. We encourage you to update your links and to prompt users to use the new site so that your statistics accurately reflect your usage of Berg Fashion Library.

Please note that COUNTER statistics will NOT be transferable between old and new sites.

6. What browsers is the new site compatible with?

All current standard web browsers will be supported, including:


  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Chrome 43+
  • Safari 8+
  • Firefox 38+


  • Safari for iOS 8+ (iPhone 5 & iPad)
  • Android Lollipop on (Google Nexus)

7. How can I promote use of the new site in my institution?

Bloomsbury is here to help you through this transition; below are just a few ways that we can help you market the new Berg Fashion Library site to your patrons.

Please contact us if we can be of any further assistance.

  • In-library support – A variety of printed and electronic promotional items will be available to you free of charge to help you promote new Berg Fashion Library site within your institution. Ask us using the contact details below.
  • Increase your usage – we would be happy to provide you with an email template, which you can then use to let your faculty know that Berg Fashion Library has relaunched. To request materials please contact us using details below.
  • Training opportunities – we can consider arranging on-site or remote web-based training. Please contact us to enquire using details below.
  • Guided tour – a guided tour will be available on the site after launch. Sign up to our mailing list at www.bloomsburyfashioncentral.com/contact-us to be alerted when it’s live, or for other news and offers.

8. Who do I ask about the transition?

Use the
online form or email:

North America:

Australia/New Zealand:

UK/Rest of world:

Image Partnership Questions

1. Why should my institution become a Berg Fashion Library image partner?
The Berg Fashion Library accords with the educational aims and accessibility missions of most major museums by enhancing discoverability of collection content throughout the world. At the present time, information that is of great value to students, scholars and curators remains buried in institutional cataloging systems that do not enable easy discoverability. Given the vastness of the internet, it can be difficult to locate images even when they are available on websites with good search engines. By aggregating relevant images from trusted, vetted sources and indexing them within its bespoke taxonomy, the Berg Fashion Library resolves this problem.

2. How does my institution benefit?
First, by increasing the profile and awareness of your holdings and providing live links, the Berg Fashion Library will likely direct traffic to your site and visitors to your museum. Participants are providing a service to the academic, student and curatorial communities. Curators are able to search Berg Fashion Library to locate important holdings that might enhance upcoming exhibitions. Students are able to learn more about individual garments, and scholars are able to locate objects for research purposes.

3. What do you need?
We are particularly interested in working with institutions able to supply a significant number of images and/or with important specialist holdings. In all cases, we require metadata to accompany image submissions so as to enable indexing within the Berg Fashion Library. For further details please contact

Access Questions

1. I cannot access Berg Fashion Library.

Suggestions for Library Administrators:

a) Please verify that you have submitted your library's signed subscriber agreement to Bloomsbury. All new subscriptions require a signed license agreement on file that has been verified prior to activating service.

b) Please check that Bloomsbury has your library's most current IP address information on file. Administrators can verify account details by contacting us. If you have lost or forgotten your administrative password, please contact us.

c) If your library's IP information has changed, please contact us to report the new address(es) or to update IP information currently registered.

d) Your library's access may have expired or been placed on hold if Bloomsbury has not received your subscription payment or if your free trial has expired. It is customary for Bloomsbury to contact subscribers before a renewal/anniversary date or trial expiration. For further assistance, please contact us.

Individual Customers:

You have entered an incorrect username or password or no longer have an active subscription. Please contact us.

2. Is remote access available?
Remote or off-site access is available to all institutional subscribers at no additional cost. For further assistance setting up remote access, please contact us.

3. Is library card access available?
Libraries have the option to allow patrons to access the site using their library barcode. Please have your librarian or administrator contact us for further details on setting up library card access.

4. Is Berg Fashion Library accessible through Athens/Shibboleth?
Yes, please ask your librarian or administrator for details.

5. I have forgotten my username and password.
If you are using access information provided by your library, please contact your librarian or administrator for library access information. Individual subscribers should contact us to change or be reminded of your login.

Subscriber Services

1. Are usage statistics available?
Usage statistics are available on a monthly basis to subscribing institutions and library consortia.

2. How do I access my institutions statistics?
Please contact us, here from within North and South America, and here from outside North and South America. Your administrative login will be required. If you have lost or forgotten your administrative login, please contact us.

3. How can I view or update my subscription record?
Institutions and individuals within North and South America may view or change their subscription details by contacting us. Subscribers outside of North and South America click here.

4. How can I get a mailing address and other contact details for Berg Fashion Library inquiries?
Full contact details are below.

Subscribers in North and South America
Customer Support – Online Subscriptions
Bloomsbury Publishing Inc.
1385 Broadway
Fifth Floor
New York
NY 10018
Tel:+ 1 (212) 419 5300

Email: bergfashionlibraryUS@bloomsbury.com

Subscribers Outside the Americas
50 Bedford Square

Tel: +44 (0)20 7631 5600
Fax: +44 (0)20 7631 5800

Email: bergfashionlibraryUK@bloomsbury.com 

Accessibility questions

1. Is the site accessible to visually impaired users?
The site is designed to meet Priority 1 and 2 of the Web 3 Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0. Compliance with each of these guidelines has also been documented and reviewed during the visual design build phase, including through usability studies. Specific measures taken to optimize accessibility include allowing users to adjust font size and image size, and adjust contrast (research has shown that visually impaired users respond better to high contrast text, while dyslexic users respond better to low contrast).

2. What provisions have been made for dyslexic users?
The site has been designed with reference to research regarding the particular requirements of dyslexic users
, including through usability studies. For example, the default setting on the site is low contrast to accommodate dyslexic user needs, while visually impaired users can adjust the contrast to high (see note above).

Technical questions

1. With which browsers is the Berg Fashion Library compatible?
The site should be accessible to general users using most current and many legacy browsers. Berg Fashion Library is specifically tested and designed for correct display and function on the following browsers:
• IE8/Windows
• IE7/Windows
• IE6/Windows (version 6.0.2900.2180 or higher) 1
• Firefox 3/Windows
• Firefox 2/Windows
• Firefox 2/Macintosh
• Safari 3/Macintosh
Pages will also display on other browsers, including Google Chrome. Please feel free to contact us if you have a specific browser or platform question.
1Displaying Diacritical Marks in Internet Explorer 6
Select the button for “Fonts...” You can retain the Latin display, but need to select change the Web page font to a Unicode font such as Ariel Unicode MS or Lucida Unicode.
Click OK, and then select “Accessibility...”
Under Formatting, check the box “Ignore font styles specified on Web pages” and click OK.
You should now be able to view diacritical marks throughout the site.

2. Is Berg Fashion Library OpenURL compliant?

Yes, the site is compliant with the 0.1 OpenURL specification. To enable this feature for your institution, please access your account information by contacting us here (North and South America), or here (UK and rest of world). Your institution will need to have an OpenURL resolver.

3. What is the service identifier (sid) for OpenURL Berg Fashion Library?

4. Can I add my library's OpenURL resolver logo to Berg Fashion Library?
Librarians can add their library's OpenURL resolver
y contacting us here (North and South America), or here (UK and rest of world). Your OpenURL resolver logo should be a maximum size of 19 pixels high x 55 pixels wide.

5. Does Berg Fashion Library support federated searching?
Yes; the site can currently be accessed by federated search software via HTTP request and supports the METHOD="GET" which sends the request using the following base URL:
This is followed by text=X (X standing here for your search term).
Multiple search terms should separated with the ‘+’ sign.
For example:
if search query contains the terms Dior New Look, use:

6. Can I add the Berg Fashion Library search box to my site?
Yes; librarians or site administrators who wish to provide a short cut into the site can download the html text from
here and paste it into their own web page. Please note that this search box will only be able to be used by those who have a subscription to the site.

For Authors

1. Write For Us
The Berg Fashion Library is updated three times a year with exciting new content. We are always interested in discussing new ideas or topics for lesson plans, bibliographic guides and online additions to the Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion.

2. What are we looking for?
All encyclopedia articles, lesson plans and bibliographic guides must relate to fashion and dress. As we have subscribers from across the world, topics must be global in appeal and aimed at students. It is essential that your work is factually correct. We will not publish more than one Encyclopedia article, lesson plan or bibliographic guide on exactly the same topic, so please do check if your subject has already been covered before you submit.  

3. What to submit
If you are interested in writing for us, please send an email outlining your topic along with your CV for consideration.

4. Before you start writing
Please make sure that you have read the guideline documents carefully and have adhered to our house style. Guideline documents can be found here.  

5. Contact Us
Please send all speculative submissions or questions to bfleditorial@bloomsbury.com We will endeavour to respond to all requests within two weeks.