• Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion

Winner of the 2011 Dartmouth Medal

Winner of the 2011 ALA Outstanding Reference Source

Joanne B. Eicher
Regents Professor Emerita, University of Minnesota, USA

The Editors in Conversation: Joanne B. Eicher, Editor-in-Chief, and Phyllis Tortora, Editor of the North American volume, discuss the challenges of creating a 10-volume, 3.6-million-word major reference work. Watch on YouTube now.

Published in July 2010 in print – and online within the Berg Fashion Library – the new 10-volume Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion is the first single reference work to explore all aspects of dress and fashion globally, from pre-history to the present day.

The Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion explores, in 3.6 million words, the dressed and adorned body across cultures and throughout history. Lavishly illustrated, it is essential for all students, scholars and practitioners of fashion and textiles, across disciplines. The Encyclopedia provides:

  • 760 in-depth original articles – from over 600 international experts – on countries, themes, cultural groups, and dress types
  • 2000+ images, many rare or previously unpublished
  • Special articles on sources and evidence for each major geographical area
  • ‘Snapshot’ articles featuring illuminating examples and case studies
  • Invaluable bibliographies and suggestions for further reading for each article
  • Cross-references and an analytical cumulative index, plus cumulative indices

Each volume is coordinated by a specialist editor and addresses a particular region, while a separate volume focuses on general perspectives across regions (see Table of Contents).

Cross-cultural and multidisciplinary in approach, the Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion provides readers with an appreciation of the richness and complexity of dress around the world.